The Xingang Community Cooperative is the only community-based production and marketing cooperative in Yong’an District. 70% of the residents in Xingang Community make a living through grouper farming, so the main products of the community are grouper-related. There are more than 30 kinds of primary to secondary processed products. Aquafarming products from the nearby areas, such as milkfish, sea bass, grass shrimp, whiteleg shrimp, etc., were included since 2020. The current channels include ecommerce stores, restaurants, supermarkets, companies’employee welfare committee, etc. There is also an individual seafood counter in the Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. 


As far as quality control is concerned, industry-academia cooperation is made with the Food Safety Laboratory at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science for conducting random food safety inspections every year. The strict requirements for product quality and food safety align with our corporate spirit, “Xingang Community Cooperative Handles with Caution,”protecting consumers. Every year, the Xingang Community Cooperative regularly donates the surplus to the local community, care centers, disadvantaged families, after-class programs, providing food for elderly living alone, etc. It is hoped to promote the local industries and give back to the local community at the same time. 


 Additionally, the Xingang Community Cooperative also has a brilliant achievement in tourism. One-day fisherman mini-tours are held in cooperation with the Kaohsiung City Agriculture Bureau. The sessions during every summer holidays are fully booked and have more than 3000 visitors annually. The tour includes dozens of itinerary plans such as groupers feeding show, hugging the 40 pounds gentian grouper, recreational fishing class, marine conservation education, antibiotic-free aquafarming experience, groupers cooking class, parent-child DIY, local-flavored grouper meals, Black-faced Spoonbill watching (winter limited), etc.

 The itinerary can be planned according to the visitors’ needs. In 2021, cooperation agreements were also signed with several travel agencies, including Eastern Holiday, to promote local marine conservation, wetlands bird watching, and experience the local traditional fishing village life. Everyone is welcome to visit the community, walk along the sandy beach, talk about food safety and eat groupers.



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